For Corporate Customers:

A 2nd Wind Mobile Oxygen Bar rental is an amazing promotional marketing tool!  It will give you an edge on your competition at attracting potential customers to your booth at any tradeshow.  Our trained staff will get show attendees started with the bar and then hand over their undivided attention so you can pitch your products and services.  During the oxygen session you will have a captive audience for 5 minutes where your prospective customer is literally hooked to your booth!  No other product or booth giveaway can offer you this type of quality time with a relaxed and receptive customer.   

The oxygen bar seats four people at a time.  Oxygen sessions for a tradeshow last 5 minutes(our recommended per-person session time for large special events).  Sessions for other corporate events can vary depending on the number of attendees. 

Try the 2nd Wind Mobile Oxygen Bar for your staff during lunch hour to increase productivity, your next corporate training session, convention or tradeshow, corporate outings, or holiday parties.  We literally "light up" any event with a breath of fresh air!

For Private Parties:

A 2nd Wind Mobile Oxygen Bar rental will offer your guests a unique and memorable experience and will differentiate your next occasion from every other party.  Your guests will love the ability to choose their own aromas, while getting the energy to mingle all night long.  And kids and teens love it too, so an oxygen bar is a great choice that is fun to feature at a sweet 16, prom, graduation, birthday party, or reunion.  

For Businesses:

We can also bring the 2nd Wind Mobile Oxygen Bar to your business to help attract customers and for some additional revenue.  Nightclubs, gyms, tanning salons, spas, and many other types of businesses could all benefit from utilizing the 2nd Wind Mobile Oxygen Bar to attract new customers, and provide additional revenue.  There are various ways in which we could work with existing businesses.  Of course the bar rental is an option, or we could come to you and use a revenue share model.  Contact us to discuss the possibilities.  

For Schools And Non-Profits:

The 2nd Wind Mobile Oxygen Bar would be perfect for your next festival fundraiser or event.  We would work with you so that there is no out of pocket expense to your organization.  We would charge each person that chooses to do an oxygen therapy session and a portion of the profit would be donated back to your organization/cause.